Wanaka Island

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This limited-edition screen-print is a creative take on the place we get to call home. From Mount Iron to the Dinosaur Park, this colourful illustration of some of the most notable sights around Wanaka will be sure to brighten up any space in your home.


Edition of 100.
Signed and numbered.
Screen-printed in 7 colours with UV ink.
A2 size (420x594mm)
Printed on Fabriano Unica fine art paper, 250gsm

*Frame not included. Colour may vary due to the nature of the screen-printing process. See shipping/pick-up details below.

Screen-printing is an ancient print method that’s been around forever and is based on the technique of stencilling. It involves pushing ink through a stencilled mesh screen that’s placed on top of the paper. A separate stencil is made for each colour of the design and the ink is pushed through each stencil one layer at a time to build up the multi-coloured final artwork. Overall, it’s a pretty labour intensive process but we can assure you the final result is well worth it!

Interested in learning more? Check out a step-by-step breakdown of the process here.

One of the biggest benefits of screen printing is the really rich, deep and vibrant colours that can be achieved. Unlike digital printing which uses a CMYK four colour process, screen-printing ink utilises spot colours which are mixed specifically for each job and are then deposited as reasonably thick layers of solid colour one at a time onto the paper. This not only results in colours with more vibrancy but also gives the final print a nice tactile quality that cannot be achieved on a digital press.

Screen print ink is also more durable and UV-resistant than digital ink which means your print won’t fade in the sun even if you leave it unframed.

Lastly, the ‘manual’ nature of the screen-printing process means each print has a slightly different ink coverage. These small imperfections add to the more ‘arty’ feel of the final result and make each print one of a kind. Pretty cool aye?!

Your shipping options:

1. New Zealand wide shipping of your awesome new print.
2. If you’re in the local area (Queenstown Lakes District) we offer free delivery or you can collect from our studio in Wanaka.